Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My first post on my new blog...

I have been wanting to start a blog about all my home improvement/decorating projects for a while now. After being inspired by all the creative blogs out there, I decided that I too would finally start my blog and hopefully inspire others.
How it all began....
A couple years ago I had my second child and became a stay at home mom. I really wanted a bigger house. We got a realtor and were ready to sale. Within weeks the market crashed. We didn't want to take a loss on our house, so we decided to stay until the market recovered. Knowing that I would be in this house for at least three or four more years, I realized that I better do something about my lame attempt to decorating. I had already done a lot of the basic things...painting, hanging pictures, curtains, etc. I knew I needed to do more, a lot more.
I decided I would try to do something that seemed almost impossible to me, rewiring and hanging a light fixture. Would I have to call an electrician? Nope! My sweet dad volunteered an afternoon to my cause. He patiently showed me step by step how to rewire and hang a light. That is the project that made me realize I absolutely can tackle any project around my house without having to call in the professionals.


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