Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My $10 Heart Shaped Wreath

A couple years ago my mom made a heart shaped wreath out of wild rose hips. I absolutely loved how charming and simple it was. I decided I too would make one. I went to to Michael's craft store and bought a few supplies...a heart shaped grapevine wreath, glitter, spray adhesive, and ribbon. On the way home I stopped at a nearby field and cut a bunch of wild rose hips. When I got home I, with the help of my sister, cut all the thorns off the rose hips because I really did not want to get pricked one more time. Then started gluing, (with a hot glue gun) and weaving the rose hips into my wreath. Once I had enough rose hips on my wreath I took it outside, sprayed it with adhesive and sprinkled lots of glitter on it. I love glitter! Finally, I tied the wreath from my door knocker with the seriously cute Martha Stewart ribbon I had just bought. I was so excited, my ribbon only cost $1.29! If you are like me and absolutely love ribbon, hurry down to Michael's and stock up. ALL Martha ribbon is one sale ranging from $1.29-$1.99.
About an hour and 10 dollars later...

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