Friday, September 23, 2011

my little dining area

Have you all been linking up to the Roomspiration link parties? There are so many great ideas!!!

Today, Dining Room link ups over at Involving Color.


My dining room

This light fixture that started it all.

Check out my table...only $80. It was a horrible shiny brown. I sanded it down, painted it, and distressed it. A while later I decided I would sand the paint off the top and stain it. Love the way it turned out.

framed plates...

One day as I was going through my house, trying to get organized, I came across a large print that I had stored under my bed. I thought that I would paint the frame, get a new mat and hang it on the wall by my kitchen table. Well, my sweet boys decided it would be fun to throw a ball at my picture...the glass broke. I was a little mad, but am happy with the end result; a frame without glass, perfect for my plate display.

I have seen numbered chairs in magazines and on blogs a lot lately. I really like the idea, so I got a stencil and painted numbers. I tried them in black first, a bit too stark for me, so I went with the same color as I have on my walls, "Monks Cloth." After the paint dried I went over the numbers with sand paper, just to give it a bit of an aged look.

My chairs...the one on the left has a brown glaze. After looking at the chairs side by side for a few days, I decided to go without the glaze. Although it does bring out the details of the chair a bit more, I thought the brown interfered with my wall color too much.

This is my textured wallpaper that I got at Lowe's for only $20. It was my first wallpaper project and it turned out surprisingly good. After I got it on the wall, I hung some chair rail, painted it (wallpaper & chair rail) "pure white" in semi-gloss, and love it! And that darling little it at a little antique/consignment store back East for a mere $4.

After putting butcher block on my little island area, my kitchen/dining area was starting to feel way too brown for my liking...brown walls, tan curtains, wood floors, butcher block counter, and a dark wood top table! In hopes of creating a more cohesive space, I decided to eliminate one of the shades of brown, and painted the table top creamy white again!


  1. I love this space, Emily! So pretty and cozy. You are too funny with that table top!! I desperately need to paint my kitchen table and chairs (again) but have about 700 other projects to get to first (isn't that always the way?) Love how even your highchair has a number on it - so cute!

  2. Very pretty dining room! Love the white with a touch of green from the table and the framed plates! I totally understand about repainting the table. I painted our living room three times before I loved the color. Sometimes you just have to live with a look for awhile before you know if it will work.

  3. Loverly! I stumbled upon your blog last week via one of the linkys around town, and as I'd been contemplating painting my kitchen/nook brown, your home gave me the push I needed to get it done :)

    If you loved that analgyptic wallpaper, you should give the beadboard paper a try. Awesome stuff. We did a ceiling in it, and no one's the wiser...

  4. Emily...this is so pretty! You put a lot of hard, creative work into it and it shows. I LOVE the wall color and the textured wallpaper is just on my favorites list! It looks difficult to put up so I'm glad you said it's not! You did a wonderful job on the table and framing the plates. I really do love this!!


  5. Love it. So pretty. I love the colors and the table and chairs are all stunning. Hugs, Marty

  6. I love love what you did to your dining room! Your choice in colors is perfect and all the little eye poppin decorations are beautiful!! I love your blog and I love that you try to do all these projects on a budget. I use to pay top dollar for stuff...but now days..who can afford that! Doing things on a budget is so much funner!!!

  7. This looks great! LOVE it!


  8. I just discovered your blog from a link party at crafty, scrappy, happy. After looking at some of your archived posts, well, meet your newest follower!!!!!!

  9. Emily, your dining room is beautiful! You have done a fabulous job transforming the table and chairs, and I love the numbers on the backs! Thanks so much for linking up to Roomspiration!

  10. Such a beautiful room ,it all looks so elegant

  11. Your room is beautiful! I love the contrast of dark and light colors and the numbers add just a bit of whimsy! Very cute!

  12. Emily, your dining room looks great. Of course, you know I love everything you do. You always inspire me.

    I'm sorry I haven't visited in a while. Work has me so busy.

  13. I love the details - that plate wall, the chair numbers - everything is so cute, Emily!

    Stop over to see today's post (Sunday). I think you'll spy something that you'll be using in your home! ;)

  14. You have a beautiful dinning room.


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