Tuesday, September 13, 2011

another painting project

My latest paint project, my dining table.

I decided to paint my dining table creamy white, again!

After putting butcher block on my little island area, my kitchen/dining area was starting to feel way too brown for my liking...brown walls, tan curtains, wood floors, butcher block counter, and a dark wood top table! In hopes of creating a more cohesive space, I decided to eliminate one of the shades of brown.


and after...

Who knows, I may sand my table top down again one day. For today, I am happy that there is one less shade of brown in this space.

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  1. That is a really beautiful table and chairs, Emily! I know what you mean with the brown....somehow it can sometimes take over your house!

  2. Looks great Emily and I LOVE that little green table in there too!! Ya know what would look beautiful in those rooms, crown molding (just a thought)! Martina

  3. Looks lovely painted white Emily! I love it!


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