Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Light Fixture Revived

One light fixture in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint....

Plus a can of my favorite black semi-gloss spray paint (no priming required), just tape off your glass and surrounding areas and start spraying
Equals a light fixture revived...

I always love projects like this...easy but with great and noticeable results!

It makes me happy to be greeted by a fresh, clean light fixture...no more dingy, dirty light fixture here!


  1. Isn't amazing what a difference a can of spray paint can make.Your light fixture looks great.All shiny and new!!

  2. yay! what a wonderful freshened look - well done!

  3. Gotta love spray paint! Your light fixture looks great Emily! Martina

  4. That looks great! Are you on pinterest?

  5. What a difference, I love those type of projects too!

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  7. Emily,
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