Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Posting Schedule

While on vacation, I thought about my blog and tried to think of ways to make it better. One thing that came to mind was consistency. In hopes of becoming a more consistent blogger, I have decided to come up with a schedule that will allow me to post about the fun projects that I am working on, on a regular basis without taking too much time away from my sweet little boys.
My new blogging schedule...


  1. Good for you, I wish I could get poting regularily. Life has just been much to hectic. I need more time to get crafty though! :)

  2. Emily that's a great schedule, I know what you mean it has been very hard the last 2wks for me to really sit and post and do projects!! My kids have finals this week so it's been all about the studying! I never would have thought the summer would screw up our blogging time LOL!! Martina

  3. Wonderful idea, Emily. I try to post every 4 days, that way I am sure everyone had a chance to read it and by then I have new ideas!


  4. Emily, I've been thinking about the schedule thing too! Great that you made a schedule...now the trick is to stick to it! Have a great weekend!


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