Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I love the way lighting can change the look of an entire room and love how it can drastically change the mood in a room. Over the next few days I am going to share my favorite lighting transformations, and tips for great lighting solutions.

First up, the best height to hang light fixtures around your home.
~Above your Kitchen/Dining Room Table~
As I have researched the proper height for hanging a light fixture over a dining room table, I have found that different sites say different heights, anywhere from 30" to 36" above your table. The light over my dining room table hangs 32", it just felt like the right height for my space.

~Above an Island/Bar~
The same rule applies as with light fixtures above dining room tables, light fixtures above an island/bar should hang between between 30" and 36".

~Entryways, Stairwells, Bedrooms, Hallways, Bathrooms, etc.~

Light fixtures hung in any space where people walk under follow a different measurement. To avoid heads from being bumped on your light fixtures, the bottom of your chandelier/light fixture should hang no less than 7 feet from the floor.

These are all just suggested heights, if you have a light fixture that you feel would look better higher or lower than the suggested heights, I say go for it! It is your space and you know what would best suit you and your space. The light fixture in my laundry room is hung a bit too low for some peoples' liking, but for me it is perfect!

Happy light fixture hanging!

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