Monday, March 14, 2011

Projects is progress...

Apparently I have become a mirror hoarder!
I told myself that I was going to start and finish this bathroom in a single weekend. I made a lot of progress that first weekend (tiled, painted, new baseboards, updated the cabinet, etc.) but since then I have been stuck on the details...the mirror especially! I am hoping to finish this bathroom this week. And now that I have all these extra mirrors...I have another project, a wall of mirrors! Just have to paint the mirrors and find the perfect wall. Can't wait!
This little tray-table has been sitting in my backyard unused for a couple years now. I have decided that I am going to finally put it to use. I am going to separate the tray from the legs. It will be a darling tray to place somewhere in my house.

This chair came from a thrift store for a mere $5. I saw it and knew it had potential. Hopefully it turns out cute, but if not I am only out $5.


  1. Emily it looks like you have some great projects ahead of you, can't wait to see them finished!! That chair sure does have a lot of potential I love the cane back. Martina

  2. Fun projects ahead. Looking forward to seeing what you do! *Becca*

  3. that's alot of mirrors!! good luck!

  4. It's okay to be a mirror hoarder. I do it too. Mirrors and cute plates. Every time I buy another one, my husband just gives me the "look" haha! Can't wait to see what the chair transforms into. I could definitely see it painted a creamy white with some navy blue nautical stripe fabric-YUMMY! Have lots of fun girl :)

  5. Hi Emily, thanks for commenting on my kindergarten dilemma. I'm in such a fix over it. And good luck deciding on a mirror!

  6. I've been on a mirror hunt lately, too. I found one for our master bathroom, and now I am looking for one for our half-bath.

    I love that sweet little bird on the tray.

  7. Just this past Saturday I got the whole dining set that matches your chair!

    ...and one of MY chairs is missing one of it's between the front and back leg spindle ma-jigs so your post gives me hope that I might just luck out and find a lone chair at the G.W.

    Can't wait to see which direction you go with your chair.

  8. wow! $5 a chair. WHat a deal!

  9. Hi Emily! Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. I love the chair you found! The top of it reminds me of a chess piece. Definitely jealous of the $5 price tag!

    Can't wait to see how it turns out! And I finally finished my guy, check it out when you have time!

    The other Emily :)


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