Thursday, March 3, 2011

Great Ideas To Upgrade and Beautify Cabinets

Here are a bunch of super cute ideas for upgrading and beautifying
your builder grade or outdated cabinets. There are ideas for
raised and flat paneled doors, as well as solid wood doors.
All the ideas are shown on painted doors, but you could always have stained wood too.
For ideas on painting and glazing your cabinets click on my painting/glazing tutorial link below:

These ideas are from the Better Homes and Gardens Website.
I love all of these ideas, but of coarse your cabinets will turn out
much cuter when you take the idea and make it your own.
A punched hole bird.
You could use this or any design/shape.
Place an image on your cabinet using a stencil or
drawing by hand (make sure to use something that will wash off),
then drill or punch holes evenly spaced to make a darling pattern.

This is a solid wood door that has been framed out with decorative mouldings.
Don't you just love the frame in the middle of the door? If you don't want to buy mouldings and then miter them, you could always buy frames, paint them to match your cabinets, and secure them to your cabinets using glue and finish nails...or hang them from your cabinet doors using a many options.

A red painted door with a decoupaged strawberry pattern, and a clipboard.
Think of all the cute scrapbook papers or wallpapers you could use.
And the perfect to make a grocery list!

I love this one! A decoupaged recipe...genius!

A painted cabinet with a simple design stenciled on.
Think how cute it would be to number your cabinets using a stencil.
Stenciling initials or a monogram would be darling too.


For the next ideas, you will need to have panel doors. If you have a solid flat cabinet door you are probably better off purchasing replacement doors than trying to router out the center of your cabinet door. The reason you really need to start with a panel type door for the following ideas is that it creates a visual frame.

Fabric! How many darling fabrics are out there?!? So many!
French Linen with a vintage saying or image printed on it would look amazing!

Etched Glass.
When I saw this one, I thought about getting clear glass and then
etching something on them myself...initials, numbers, a saying, etc.

A wicker basket weave painted.
So creative!

Decorative tin/metal. You could also use chicken wire.
This is the idea that I am going to put to use in my laundry room.
I can't wait to show you all how it turns out!


Before you get started on the fun part of beautifying you will need
to remove the panels out of your cabinet doors. This may seem challenging but is really quite easily done. Here are pictures showing how to remove the panels using a router. If you do not own a router, and you don't want to purchase one, you can always rent one.

Good Luck!
Enjoy and have a great weekend!!!
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  1. Fabulous ideas! I love the one with the pic frame in the middle. That is so unique.

  2. great ideas. you could put vinyls on them too. the bird is my fave, but hole punching my cabinets is scary! lol

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  6. These are great!! I love the blue fabric door!

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  8. Those are wonderful ideas!! I love the one with fabric in the middle! So cute!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Great Ideas; And if my cabinets weren't metal, I would probably do something like that before I renovated.

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