Thursday, February 17, 2011

$20 DIY Magnet Board

Because I think it is so important to display their little masterpieces,

This is what we (my little boys and I) made today....

A magnet board This is a great little project, inexpensive, very little labor required, and an easy way to bring lots of color and personality into a space.

Actually, this is my second attempt at this project. The first one I made about six months ago. The boards were a bit warped, making it bow out from the wall a bit. It was one of those things that absolutely bugged me, so I did what I often like to do...try again. This time around, I love it!

Supplies needed...

* wood for your frame, I used basic 1in x 4in boards-$4

*aluminum flashing, found near the roofing supplies at any hardware store-$11

*paint and paint brush, I used a sample size of Martha Stewart's "Ladybug Red" from home depot-$4
*2 inch wood screws-$1

First I decided exactly where I would hang my board.
Then measured to see just how big/small I wanted to make my magnet board.
Next I cut everything (boards and flashing). Sanded the rough edges of my boards and started painting. While the first coat of paint was drying I hung the aluminum flashing on the wall with small brads and a bit of glue. My little boys, who LOVE to help with all my projects, then applied the second coat of paint for me. When the paint was dry I simply hung the boards, overlapping the flashing about 1 inch, framing out the aluminum flashing using wood screws. You don't necessarily have to screw it to the wall, I just did because it is above my little guy's bed and absolutely do not want it to fall on him. Then I painted the screw heads; I thought about using wood putty to hide the screws, but because it is in my little boys' room I wanted it to have personality and be childlike.

This is one of the reasons I love DIY, you get to make it exactly how you want it.

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